Our History...
One Voice Gospel
Choir began as the
St. Paul Gospel
Choir, based out of
St. Paul United
Church of Christ in
Saline, Michigan,
in 1990.
The choir quickly grew,
and more and more people
from outside St. Paul
church wanted to join, and
were welcomed.
Since we come from many
churches, but have one message,
we became the One Voice Gospel
Choir in 2002.

We are a multi-generational,
ecumenical, Christ-centered family
of singers.
The "Kid's Choir" THEN...
AND "The Kid's Choir" in 2006...
Our Fundraising Efforts Have Included Concerts and
Variety Shows, Car Washes, Making Homemade Pretzels,
Garage Sales, Silent Auctions, and CD Sales
Recording our Christmas CD January 2010
Spring Concert, 2009
Spring Concert, "Gospel Spaghetti" 2008
Contact us for
your copy!
donation is $10